The Promenade is a quarterly edition of News and Views of Folk, Round & Square Dancing in North Carolina. When a copy is available, we will try and put the information out here for you to view.  If you would like to contribute information about your club, things your club is doing, special dances,  new classes or anything that you would like to see in the Promenade, Contact Pam Becker.

Prior Promenades

August 2016 Promenade1.4 MB48
May 2016 Promenade1.6 MB23
February 2016 Promenade1.7 MB330
November 2015 Promenade1.6 MB364
August 2015 Promenade2.0 MB231
May 2015 Promenade2.1 MB494
February 2015 Promenade 1.8 MB153
November 2014 Promenade1.6 MB159
August 2014 Promenade1.9 MB804
May 2014 Promenade1.4 MB790
February 2014 Promenade1.7 MB441
November 20133.3 MB1381
August 20132.6 MB1568
May 2012 Promenade18.5 MB822
February 2012 Promenade4.7 MB869
November 2011 Promenade5.0 MB513
August 2011 Promenade35.6 MB1151
May 2011 Promenade6.4 MB703
February 2011 Promenade7.2 MB872
November 2010 Promenade4.9 MB803
May 2010 Promenade4.3 MB948
February 2010 Promenade4.8 MB1281
August 2010 Promenade5.0 MB915