November Federation Update #2!


The date through which the hotel guaranteed our rooms has now past. All the rooms that were blocked for dancers and not reserved have been put back into the hotel’s open inventory for the upcoming weekend. The good news is that the manager will continue to rent dancers rooms at the previously agreed upon price of $69.00 per night as long as space is available. So, if you missed the deadline, there’s still a possibility of the cheaper rate.

One food item change in Troutman:  KFC has closed.

For those coming from the Charlotte/Mooresville area, you will be leaving I-77 at exit 42. Cheap gas alert, relatively speaking anyway:   $300.9 at foot of the exit 42 ramp as of Monday November 11.

I plan to do a drive through the Statesville construction area Friday night and have another posting available Saturday morning.

NCDOT is not projecting any construction delays on I-40 or I-77 at this time for the weekend.

If you have any questions, please get back to me at 704-929-8456, or .

Clinton Green

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