Host a Federation Dance

Any organization can host a Federation Dance.  Please contact an officer to request to host a dance.

Any club that has never hosted a Federation dance should attend at least one Federation dance within the previous year to observe what must be done by the host club, and / or hold discussions with and satisfy the Research Committee that they understand hosting requirements.

Responsibilities of the Host Club

1 – The building for the dance must be air conditioned and have at least 5,000 square feet of danceable space (excluding area used for merchants), bathroom facilities, and water fountains or coolers.  Buildings without air conditioning must be approved by the Federation Executive Board.

The host club will need to furnish 6 to 8 tables, 6 to 8 feet long for the following:

  • 1 table for the State Map
  • 1 table for Hall of Fame & Golden Slipper displays
  • 2 tables for flyers
  • 1 or 2 tables for sign-in sheets
  • 1 or 2 tables for collecting all money, selling Promenades, and issuing ribbons to Council Representatives for designation of clubs to be able to vote on issues at the Council Meeting.

2 – The host club is to furnish PA System and should “sound out” the building prior to dance, if at all possible.   If a suitable PA System cannot be provided by the host club, the Federation will pay for rental of said equipment.

3 – Flyers are to be printed on 8½x11 – 20 weight paper.  The host club is to mail the appropriate number of flyers (150) for the Promenade to the Managing Editor as listed in the current issue of the Promenade.  The level of the dance should be determined and printed on the flyer.  Flyers, with the dance level, directions to the dance building, motels, hotels, and / or camp grounds available and an emergency telephone number should also be mailed to each club President.  The Presidents’ names and addresses found in the latest Promenade should be used.  Also include a copy of the Guidelines for Trophy Competition letter for each club.   The cost of printing the flyers and postage for mailing will be paid by the Federation.

The following dates for mailing the flyers to the Promenade are:

  • February Federation Dance – previous November 1
  • May Federation Dance – previous February 1
  • November Federation Dance – previous August 1

4 – The Master of Ceremonies should be an area club caller or club member and will introduce the Callers and keep the program moving.  It is suggested that your M.C be familiar with the use of a mike and PA System.

5 – The host club is to furnish ribbons (or some alternate method) for identifying paid dancers.   The Federation suggests using 2 inch wide satin ribbon cut in 7 inch lengths attached to miniature safety pins.  This cost will be paid by the Federation; however, host clubs should refrain from using expensive printed ribbons or other, high-priced identification.  Any additional expenses for advertising, decoration, etc. will be the responsibility of the host club unless APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THE RESEARCH COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN.

6 – The host club will collect all money to be turned in to the Federation Treasurer.  A donation of $6.00 per person (as set by Council) is considered entrance fee to the dance.  The only exemptions for paying are Callers and Cuers who appear on the program and their spouses, the Hall or Fame / Golden Slipper Honorees, and the Federation Officers.  The host club will provide and display a register for each Federation club and a register for Visitors.

7 – An itemized statement of all expenses of the Federation dance is to be presented to the Federation Treasurer at the earliest date possible.  Expenses to include are those for the building, publicity, postage, ribbons, materials for registers, rental of PA System, and any other expenses that were prior approved by the Research Chairman.

8 – The host club should have something available on which to hang the banner.

9 – The host club will be permitted to conduct a 50 / 50 ticket sale to help the club financially.  No other gambling will be permitted during the dance.


The typical schedule is as follows:

11:30 – 12:00         Regional Directors Meeting

12:00–  1:00          Executive Board Meeting

12:00   –  5:00       Registration

12:00   –  1:00       NC Callers Meeting

1:15 – 4:00            A1/A2 Squares……(2nd Hall)

2:00   –  4:00         Afternoon Dance

4:00   –  5:00         Council Meeting

6:00   –  6:45         Early Rounds

6:50   –  7:45         Callerama

8:00  – 10:30        Evening Dance


Directions / a map of the dance location should be on the flyer to help dancers from other areas find the dance site.  Local motel names, addresses and rates are helpful for out of town dancers.

List Motels, Restaurants, and location on map or flyer.

Click here for a sample flyer


Merchants wishing to sell merchandise at any Federation dance must be registered as an Associate Member.  Permission for merchants to set up is given by the host club, after being contacted, either by phone or by letter.  Each merchant will be responsible for his / her own rent or any other charges deemed necessary.

There should not be duplication of merchants selling the same products until all categories of merchandise have been provided space.  Any merchandise sold must pertain to Round or Square Dancing or the related art of said activity.  Sales of items by the host club or other non-vendors must be approved by the Research Committee.


There are two trophies awarded at each Federation, one for percentage and one for attendance.  It is the responsibility of the host club to figure the percentages for these trophies, along with the attendance, and present it to the Federation President before the announcements are made at 9:30.  Listed below are some guidelines that may help your club.

1 – Percentages for the trophies are calculated based on information taken from sign-in sheets.  The names of the top 3 clubs will be presented to the President.

2 – The attendance trophy is presented to the club having the largest numbers of club members present as determined by the sign-in sheet.

3 – Attendance at the dance is figured by adding the money and dividing that number by 5, then adding the count on passes that was turned in by Callers, Cuers, and the Federation officers.  When attendance is given to the President, list it as paid attendance, plus the number admitted by passes including their spouses.  Passes will include Callers and Cuers on program, Federation Officers, and the Hall of Fame and Golden Slipper members.

4 – Recommended time for having all results calculated for percentages and attendance is 9:00 so the President will have all of the information by 9:30.

For a Sample Trophy Letter Click here.  This must be mailed to all clubs two months before the Federation.