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Promenades and Rosters have been updated

The most recent Promenades have been posted, in addition to the club, caller, cuer, and line dance cuers rosters.

November Federation Travel Update!

Major road construction continues in Statesville on I-40 just West of I-77 as well as on the I-40 and I-77 interchange.  I continue to be amazed at how little disruption in traffic flow we are seeing due to contractor related delays.  To the best of my knowledge, it has been over a year since there have been any lane closures during the daytime hours and that was weekend work setting new bridge girders over I-40 – not a  serious problem.  Occasionally we’ll see a nighttime lane closure, but that does not normally cause a significant traffic buildup.  The biggest concern is accidents and breakdowns where there is no pull off area available.  Caution:  Be alert for non-attentive drivers and lane shifts as you go through this construction area.

I will be closely monitoring the road conditions the week of the Federation and post anything I can find of significance.  Do not expect another posting concerning traffic conditions until that week.

Feel free to call with any Federation related questions you might have.

Clinton Green